About Will

I was born in Ogden, UT. My parents moved back to Preston near my Paternal Grandparents when I was about 6 months old to help the family farm. I had a pretty active childhood, and my parents have admitted that they were a bit worried for my kindergarten teacher when they went to send me to school. I was fortunate enough to be blessed with the love of learning, and my parents were somewhat surprised when the teacher explained that I was not a disruptive student. I went to school to learn, and really worked hard at learning in my early elementary years. I did have a few teachers that I didn’t get along with, and most things I learned very quickly. I’m not sure all the factors that went into it, but I became less enchanted with school later in elementary and through high school. I still got pretty good grades, and I really have always loved learning, but I think that my stubbornness got the best of me sometimes when I was told I had to do something, I sometimes wouldn’t , just because I didn’t want to be told what to do. Looking back, I know I could have done better, if I had a bit of an attitude adjustment.
In school, I loved biology, but I also loved writing. Although it usually came to me pretty easily, I didn’t really like math all that much in high school. When I got to college, I didn’t really know what I wanted to do for sure, but I thought that maybe I wanted to be a teacher. It may not have been a good reason, but I ended up deciding against biology (that I really enjoy), due to the fact that I would have had to take several math classes. I have pretty much always enjoyed writing, so I ended up majoring in writing. I almost minored in Spanish, and have enough Spanish credits to minor if I had an education major, but since my major was Professional Writing, I need one more Spanish class if I want to make it a minor. I graduated several years ago after 5 years of college, including one year when I served as Vice President of the Idaho State University Student Association.
I have worked in many areas during my life, starting with farm work and chores as a child. After we were no longer running the family farm, I went to work for a neighbor for a couple of years on his farm as an early teen. Then at 15, I was offered a job working at the local grocery store, where I worked through the rest of high school. After high school, and several summers in-between college, I worked building houses and other buildings for a contractor. In college, I learned some patience while working in call centers conducting consumer surveys and doing inbound sales for DIRECTV.
In high school I participated in sports including football, cross-country, and varsity wrestling. I played the French horn in the symphonic band as well as marching band. I went to Germany as an exchange student for a month right after high school. I was elected programs vice-President in high school. In college, I ran for student body vice-president, and won that race. I served in that office for one year. The following year I was chosen as an intern to the University President. These were some awesome opportunities for me, and while challenging, also very rewarding.
Currently, I am a full-time Realtor, building my business in Real Estate. In the last few years, we have fixed and flipped several homes successfully making a good amount of money doing that. I have also been the wrestling coach for the West Side School District for the last 5 years. I enjoy this position very much, and it has given me an opportunity to give back to a sport and community that has done a lot for me personally. I have seen so many instances of boys that just need someone that cares about them. I feel that showing the boys that there is someone that cares is my most important role as a Coach. It has been fun to see boys grow in many different areas of their lives, including becoming better athletes.
I served a full-time mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints from 2000-2002. I served in Costa Rica, Spanish speaking mission. In addition to my love for Jesus Christ and the gospel growing, I gained a higher level of love and respect for families, and the importance of good families.
I have SOOOOO much love for Heidi, and feel so blessed that she loves and takes amazingly good care of me. I want to be a father, and most of all, I look forward to being a "Daddy".