Sunday, October 27, 2013

A year of running

Year in Review from my races that I did this year.  My goal last year (2012) was to run a 5K and I did.  This year (2013) I wanted to do a couple of 5K races.  I even got crazy and decided to do the Preston Biathlon.  It was a great year and looking back I'm so glad that I did them.  Knowing that I have an upcoming race that I've already signed up for, helps motivate me to stay healthy, eat better, exercise more.  Running has never been easy for me, nor it never will be easy for me.  But I do enjoy it and I'm way better than I used to be.  And I feel like I can fun faster and better.

I was having fun creating photo collages online. 

Here's to another fun year of races!  What will my goal be for next year?

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