Sunday, September 9, 2012

Backpacking Trip 2012

 As a family tradition we go on a backpacking trip every summer.  We like to hike to high mountain lakes each time so that we can fish, too.  We love the beautiful scenery and fishing.  It is a nice way for us to remember how blessed we are at home to have such nice things, a warm home, nice bed to sleep on, and good food to eat.  It helps us remember the blessings in our lives, plus it also gives us a nice break from work and cell phones and other things like that.  We really enjoy just talking together and spending time together.  Hardly ever do we see anybody else when we pack in to these kinds of places, so it is very nice to be alone and enjoy the beautiful world together!
We also feel very blessed and fortunate to have healthy bodies so we can go and do fun things like this.

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