Sunday, September 30, 2012

We are Adventurous

 Most of our friends and family say that we are adventurous.  I think this weekend's trip is another proof of that statement.  We took an overnight float trip on the South Fork of the Snake River.  We took cousin Conner with us.
 The fall colors were gorgeous!  We enjoyed them very much as well as the beautiful cliff and canyon walls, and wildlife.  We saw several bald eagles! 
 One of my main concerns with going was whether we would stay warm enough.  Since our last backpacking adventure where I froze, I got a new, warmer sleeping bag and we were able to take an extra blanket this time since we had more room to pack it in the boat.  And I succeeded in staying warm all night.  It was a much better night than the last time when I froze and hardly slept any. 
 We had yummy food to eat like pork and beans, beef stew, chili.  And of course some snacks along the way.

 I really enjoyed the red/yellow/green colors everywhere!  It was so beautiful!

 Will and I took turns rowing the boat.

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