Tuesday, October 16, 2012

South Fork Float

We went fishing last weekend.  Our good friends Terry and Helen took us in their drift boat on the South Fork of the Snake.  We put in at Palisades dam and took out at Spring Creek bridge.  We had a blast!  WE caught fish and go to enjoy the pretty scenery.  I can't get enough of how beautiful the trees are in yellows and reds. 
This was the ice cream fish!  Our little deal with Terry and Helen is always the one who catches the biggest fish buys the ice cream.  It was awesome to catch this fish.  I was using a dry fly and got to see the fish come up from under the water and sip it up.  So awesome!  Beautiful fish.

Right when Will got on the oars and Terry started fishing, he caught about 3 fish one right after another. 

White fish!  I'm pretty sure this is my first white fish I have ever caught.  Count it as a new species for me!

Beautiful colors!  The day was pretty decent.  Kinda cold but really for October it was nice.  We got rained on a little bit but nothing a little rain gear can't stop.
Helen, Terry, and Will
The sky, mountains, trees, water, everything, was so beautiful!  We saw several eagles, a beaver, and some cattle along the way.
Will's cutthroat he caught on a streamer.  We have so much fun with Terry and Helen.  We love to give them excuses to go fishing when we visit them.

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